Cacao Butter Bulk


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Cacao Butter Bulk

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Once you’ve tried real chocolate its hard to go back to Cadbury’s and the like.  Soy lecithin is highly processed and GMO. Once you start getting into raw chocolate and quality hand made chocolates you should be rid of this horrid ingredient. 

Cacao butter is one of the best ingredients to use in chocolate making – used straight with coconut milk powder to make white choc, or with coconut milk powder and a bit of cacao to make milk choc, or with just cacao to make dark choc.  Cacao butter is what gives chocolate the amazing mouth feel.  You can also add things like tapioca starch to help it set better or be kept at room temperature.  Of course you can also add essential oils, chopped up dried fruit, roasted or raw nuts – anything you like!  why not try some chocolate making today if you haven’t before.

Oh and its also fabulous as a moisturiser, or used in a lip balm.  So nourishing for the skin too!

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100% certified organic cacao butter.


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