Chocolate Honey Soaked Chai 1kg

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Chocolate Honey Soaked Chai 1kg

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Chocolate and chai – what’s not to love – Corinne’s Fave!  šŸ™‚

It’s a classic seven spiced chai with deep chocolate flavours behind it. Precision freshly ground whole spices are blended to perfection with rich, malty Assam long leaf black tea, raw cacao and vanilla beans. The chai is then soaked in local raw honey to preserve the spices and make the most delicious chai imaginableā€¦


  • Raw honey

  • whole spices

  • Assam black tea

  • raw cacao

  • whole vanilla beans

  • Tassie pepperberries

  • Australian mineral rich salt.


Raw honey, whole spices, Assam black tea, raw cacao, whole vanilla beans, Tassie pepperberries, Australian mineral rich salt.

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