Coffee Beans Dark Bulk


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Coffee Beans Dark Bulk

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The ONLY Certified Organic Roasted Coffee in Tasmania.

TOCCo were able to assist Nepalese farmers in getting Organic Certification in 2016 and now they offer them market access and an incentive to continue farming coffee the natural way below trees!

Do you want coffee farmers and communities to become resilient in the face of a changing climate?

Tasmanian Organic Coffee Co. was established by Cyril & Anna in 2016. They’re coffee drinkers with a background in organic farming and nature conservation. They want to show that you can use the economy in a sustainable way and that it can start with your coffee today!

Although one coffee does not seem like much, the average person has consumed 11,000 coffee’s by the time they’re 30 and that has a serious impact on a coffee farmers life!

By drinking certified organic and direct traded relationship coffee, you help build environmental and social resilience in coffee communities subject to an uncertain economic and climatic situation.

To learn more about Himalaya Coffee (now Tasmanian Organic Coffee Co.) please check out their website link here.


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