Colloidal Silver 1000mL

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Colloidal Silver 1000mL

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Allan Sutton’s My Colloidal Silver 1 Litre

Colloidal silver is a powerful antimicrobial liquid that contains minute silver ions suspended in 100% pure water. It is commonly used as a natural antibiotic, to fight disease and to promote healing.

HOW IT WORKS SCIENTIFICALLY…Single cell life (that is viruses’, bacteria, & fungus; commonly referred to as pathogens) use oxygen metabolism as the method of reproduction. They are also negatively charged. Colloidal silver is positively charged and is therefore magnetically attracted to any single celled life form or pathogen. Its presence oxidises the oxygen metabolizing enzyme, immobilizing it and the result is ultimately lethal to the pathogen. It is then cleared out of the body by the immune , lymphatic and eliminatory systems. Since colloidal silver acts catalytically it remains unaffected by these encounters and continues its action on each contact with any single celled disease causing organism it attracts in the body(this includes ALL viruses’, bacteria, &fungus; commonly referred to as pathogens).


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