Elderflower No Added Sugar 375mL

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Elderflower No Added Sugar 375mL

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Elderflower No Added Sugar Concentrate (also known as elderflower cordial or syrup) is sweetened with grape juice in place of sugar. A little softer and rounder than our original Elderflower Concentrate, with both the elderflower and grape notes blending well for a unique and delicate floral flavour.

100% natural. 100% Tasmanian

Used either for its culinary flavour or health benefits, Ashbolt Elderflower  No Added Sugar Concentrate is made from handpicked elderflower blossoms at their peak. Free of additives, artificial flavours or colourings. We’re committed to sustainable, organic farming and use only pristine highland water from the Derwent River.

How to use Elderflower Concentrate 

  • As a relaxing, healthy tea – bedtime bliss for a good night’s sleep, and perfect for sore throats with a slice of lemon, orange or ginger

  • Delicious in desserts – use neat as a garnish or pureed with dark berries.

  • Drizzle over ice-cream, plain yoghurt and pancakes.

  • Add a ‘zing’ to fruit salad or help to plump up dried fruit.

  • Use in sorbets or jellies 

  • Add a couple of drops of Elderflower Concentrate to Ashbolt Olive Oil for an amazing salad dressing.

  • Pour a little Concentrate over a salmon for a truly delicious flavour.

 For more delicious ideas for using Elderflower Cordial click here

The Health Benefits of Elderflower

Australian Elderflower, health benefits you can taste

We’re passionate about health and wellbeing in a natural way. You can be confident in the natural-ness of all of our Ashbolt Farm products. The health benefits of Elderflower and its properties have been described throughout the years, which has earned it the “the medicine chest of the country folk” nickname. 

The Elderflower benefits are said to have been used for some four thousand years making it our oldest cultivated herb. Historically used for:

  • detox programs

  • treatment of respiratory problems

  • fortifying the immune system against common cold and flu

  • relieving allergies

  • purifying blood

  • maintaining healthy skin

  • anti inflammatory properties

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