Gift of Seeds Chrysanthemum

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Gift of Seeds Chrysanthemum

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Chrysanthemum Mother’s Day Gift of Seeds

While gifting flowers is a beautiful gesture, why not give the gift of flower seeds and share the joy that comes with growing your own blooms.

Chrysanthemums, also referred to as ‘mums’, are the traditional Mother’s Day flower in Australia. This variety Chrysanthemum paludosum produces white flowers with a bright yellow centre. Easy to grow from flower seeds and quick to flower with a spreading habit, these little daisies Daisies are great for pots, garden beds and window boxes.

An eco-friendly gift that grows featuring stunning illustrative artwork by Daniella Germain to create ehe perfect, easy to post Mother’s Day gift.

– Made in Australia
– 100% recyled paper
– Includes a tear away plant label to mark where your seeds are planted
– Comes with a recyled kraft envelope for mailing
– Plastic free

Variety: Chrysanthemum paludosum

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