Hydrogen Peroxide 35% 200mL

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Hydrogen Peroxide 35% 200mL

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Some important facts about hydrogen peroxide:

The chemical composition is: H2O2.  It’s made of only water and oxygen. It is endogenous, which is a fancy way of saying ‘made by our bodies’.  In fact, specialised white blood cells called neutrophils produce peroxide to fight forgein invaders like bacteria and viruses; keeping you healthy.

Sunlight and air breakdown hydrogen peroxide, which is why it’s sold in brown bottles that need to be kept tightly sealed. Peroxide doesn’t have a use by date because it doesn’t spoil, it simply weakens or breaks down to water and oxygen over time. But it will last for years and years if stored correctly. Gaiaganic Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide at 3% strength is completely non-toxic, containing no preservatives, stabilisers or additives. It’s made right here in Australia and bottled on Tamborine Mountain, Queensland.

Directions:  Store in a cool dark place.

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