Incense Sticks Olibanum Arabia (10)

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Incense Sticks Olibanum Arabia (10)

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Olibanum Migiurtino resins come from the Boswellia Frereana tree which is native to Somalia and is well known for it’s pharmacological uses especially anti-inflammatory.  Olibanum (Oil of Lebanon) is from the Latin and Greek and means Frankincense.  The fragrant resins used in these Marco Polo Treasures incense sticks come from primary resins with a history that goes back generations.  These incense sticks contain 18 natural ingredients including precious woods, resins, herbs and spices plus 33% of actual Olibanum Migiurtino resins.  This is an extra special incense.

20g – 10 sticks – burn time 60-70 minutes

From Fiore d’Oriente who have been awarded the Certification Ecocert Greenlife for purity of ingredients.  They work with small family businesses in India to produce top quality pure, natural incenses. Sustainably harvested and ethically traded.

The function of Marco Polo’s Treasures incense is different from that of other aromatic incense. Most of the incense being sold today is designed to perfume the environment, and is thus manufactured with little attention to the effects that the ingredients have on one’s health. Marco Polo’s Treasures incense, however, is made with attention to the beneficial effects that the natural ingredients have on the body, mind and spirit.

Marco Polo’s Treasures incense is made exclusively from 100% pure resins and prized woods without the use of chemical or petroleum-based perfumes. This is why the prominent certifying agency Ecocert France has certified the product, authorizing their logo to appear on the packaging.

At present there are two general types of incense on the market: One to perfume the environment, and another completely natural formulation that scents the environment and, moreover, makes use of the curative properties of the resins and woods used in its production. This is the incense that many people wanted but never managed to have because of the widespread use of chemicals. Marco Polo’s Treasures gives you this incense, and a whole different way to use it.

We have selected the resins and woods for our incense by examining the characteristics of ingredients in the official European pharmacopoeia. Because the ingredients are natural, this type of incense performs its actions even when one doesn’t perceive the individual components. There are resins like Canarium strictum, Benzoin, or some varieties of Olibanum that don’t have a significant aroma but still carry out their actions in the air and inside us. Other mixtures, composed of woods or resins like Palo Santo, Black Storace or Cinnamon, are much more aromatic. In the natural world, the efficacy of a substance is not related to whether or not it is inherently aromatic.

We don’t see the spoken word but we hear it; we don’t see energy but we feel it and see the work it does; the universe holds all the sounds that have been produced, even though we don’t manage to perceive most of them. Our incense works in the same way. We don’t strive to create perfumes for the environment, but to transform the best raw materials into a product to be used for holistic purposes.

The fragrance of the first stick of our incense may not be what one expects, but with a bit of faith and time the olfactory sense becomes refined and can better appreciate the aromas. This type of incense was created not to show, but to BE; not to amaze, but to leave one amazed. Our formulations help with purification, concentration, the nervous system, prayer, and introspection.

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