Raspberry Leaf Tea 35g

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Raspberry Leaf Tea 35g

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Raspberry Leaf Loose Herbal Tea

Supports Female Wellbeing: Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant. Red Raspberry Leaf may support heart health, act as a muscle relaxant, assist with digestion and bowel support as a gentle laxative. Helps detoxify excess oestrogen absorbed by the body from environmental factors.


  1. 3 teaspoons added to boiled water will make 1 large cup of tea.

  2. Steep for at least 5 minutes then strain.

  3. Add more water if too strong. Can also be drunk cold.

    Suitable for anyone, maximum 3 cups daily. Half strength for children. During pregnancy, 1 cup per day, after reaching 32 weeks gestation.


Certified Organic Raspberry Leaf (Rubus idaeus).

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