Rooibos Tea #2 Bulk


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Rooibos Tea #2 Bulk

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Rooibos is also know as redbush tea.  Its native to South Africa and is a lovely caffeine-free alternative to black tea.  It can be drunk with or without milk if you feel so inclined. 

Rooibos apart from being high in polyphenols, it has some amazing health benefits.  It may assist with:
*  reducing blood pressure
*  asthma and other breathing disorders
*  osteoperosis
*  natural fluoride (not the toxic stuff in water and toothpaste but the one found naturally in mother’s breast milk)
*  great for heart health
*  good digestive tea – colic and stomach pains
*  diabetes
*  high in zinc so good for the skin.

Contra indications:
There are no specific side effects related to it. Some of the rarely reported side effects of red rooibos tea include the elevation in liver enzymes which can lead to liver illness and stimulation of estrogen hormone in females. Rooibos tea side effects are too rare hence you can take tea safely. How much rooibos tea should I drink a day? Two cups of tea per day is generally considered safe as there are no side effects of it.


100% certified organic rooibos loose leaf tea.


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