Super Sprouter Germinator

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Super Sprouter Germinator

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Harvest your own fresh and delicious sprouts in only a few days right from your home.

Why Super Sprouter?

Untamed Health’s Super Sprouter Germinator: While you can grow sprouts in empty jars, the most reliable results are found with our Super Sprouter Germinator. These are especially designed to allow water to drain easily, allowing healthy sprouts to grow.

Why are sprouts so nutritious?

Since seeds can’t make energy through photosynthesis or suck up nutrients through their roots, they need to have all the energy and nutrients they will need for their first few days of life stored up. Once they start to sprout they release all of this energy and nutrients into tasty sprouts. This makes sprouts particularly rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Can I grow them?

The beauty of sprouts is that you can grow them yourself! They only need water and warmth to germinate, so you really can’t go wrong. Since they can often be harvested in just a few days, you can sow seeds a few days apart to keep a constant supply of sprouts going.

What do I do with them?

Sprouts are easy to use in cooking! They can be eaten raw or cooked. You can toss them into a salad, use as a garnish or even add to a stir fry!

Sprouting Instructions:

*** Please follow the instructions carefully for the seed you are sprouting as each seed has different requirements***

1. Prepare Germinator – Rinse the Super Sprouter Germinator with cold water. 

2. Rinse Seeds – Place your chosen seeds in the Super Sprouter Germinator and fill with fresh cold water to rinse the seeds. Secure the cap over the opening and then drain the water out immediately. 

3. Soak Seeds – Once rinsed pour enough cold water into the Super Sprouter Germinator to cover the seeds. Move the seeds around in the Super Sprouter Germinator to make sure all the seeds are well covered & the sprouter is facing upright. Soak the seeds for the allotted time according to your chosen seed instructions. 

4. Growing / Rinsing – After soaking the seeds make sure to rinse the seeds at least twice a day and ensure that you place your Super Sprouter Germinator on a dish with the cap pointing downwards at an angle to allow any remaining water to drain out. This is when your seeds start to sprout!

5. Harvest Seeds – Harvest fresh, crunchy shoots and sprouts 3-8 days later! 

6. Clean – Rinse and clean thoroughly after use.


In the box:
1 x glass sprounter jar
1 x sprouter lid
1 x 16-page instruction booklet

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