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Toothpaste Bulk

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Bring your own container or take one of our clean used jars, or buy one of our lovely 30mL Amber Glass Jars with a metal lid.  Save the packaging and choose a plastic free alternative.  Made in Hobart from a lovely small business.

Have you already made the switch to our plastic free all natural toothpaste? Now you can refill your empty jar and save all that packaging!  Keep your pearly whites gleaming and maintain good oral health whilst reducing waste!

Contains only 5 ingredients plus essential oils:

  • Fractionated coconut oil – pharmaceutical grade and palm free

  • Organic diatomaceous earth from North Queensland

  • Sodium Bicarbonate – pharmaceutical grade

  • Organic tapioca starch

  • Essential oils of orange, cinnamon bark, clove, spearmint and peppermint.

  • Sweetened with xylitol, a plant-based sweetener that reduces plaque formation and helps prevent tooth decay.

Basically, everything you need for clean teeth and good oral hygiene without the risk of absorbing chemicals into your gums! And it works!

How to use:

Dip your clean toothbrush into the jar to get the amount you need. Alternatively, use a little spoon, spatula or butter knife to spread the toothpaste on your brush. Run a little water onto the brush as you normally would and brush away!  Spit it out, don’t swallow it.


Tapioca starch, MCT oil, xylitol, diatomascious earth, sodium bicarbonate, essential oils of orange, clove, cinnamon bark, spearmint and peppermint.


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